SAM Scripts - Faith-Based Substance Addiction Ministry

Why SAM?

Understanding is the first step to acceptance and only with acceptance can there be recoveryAddiction is a spiritual illness that dis-connects a person: from self, loved ones, and God. SAM's mission is to help these individuals re-connect through education, prevention, referral, and family support.

"SAM Scripts" was initially designed as the name of a monthly newspaper column in "The Florida Catholic". Its focus was providing information about addictive disease, the effects on God's people, myths that prevented people from getting help, and assistance that was available to both the "afflicted" and the "affected" through one's faith community. As interest grew, "SAM Scripts" was expanded to being a consultation, education, and training resource to faith communities that desired establishing a Substance Addiction Ministry (SAM) to serve its congregations.

In any addiction the entire family is "affected", not just the "afflicted" member. For every person "afflicted", at least four others are "affected". Nothing can destroy a family or relationship quicker than addiction.

Characteristic of addiction is denial, based in shame and maintained by a conspiracy of silence. The first step in addressing the problem is to talk about it. Education about the disease is essential.

It became apparant that "church" can play a important role as "healer". In 1998, the Diocese of Palm Beach established the Office of Substance Addiction Ministry (SAM) to assist its people touched by addiction.

SAM is indeed a quality of life ministry.

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"Anytime you lie for or cover up for the addict, you are sentencing that person to death." - Sen. Harold Hughes